Here’s what people are saying about the Wine Clip®
“I suggest you plunk down for the device, The Wine Clip®, and appreciate its elegant lines as it graces the necks of your wine bottles. You get a wine that is rounder, fuller, less astringent, more fragrant, more flavorful…..When an invention works, you need to spread the word. Buy it and try it!” Elliot Essman, CSW

“I am convinced that it actually works. It has a significant effect on wines – especially young red wines – and instantly improves their drinkability by softening tannins.” Anthony Dias Blue

Bon Appetit Tasting Panel

“The Wine Clip really is incredible, and for casual wine lovers who don’t necessarily know the difference between the nose and bouquet, it borders on a must-buy.” James Riswick

Novus Vimum

“The Wine Clip works and I’ll be the first to admit I was initially skeptical. Much like decanting, it made the wine smoother and immediately more pleasurable to drink.” Leslie Sbrocco

Award winning wine author

“Got this over the holidays, and had a wine tasting party. It really work. As the other reviews stated, the better the wine, the more subtle the changes. These is also a difference which way the magnet is turned. Worth the money.” Home Shopping Network customer

HSN Customer Pick

“Thanks for creating a great, unique product that helps our sales!” Ken Lineberger

The Wine Tailor

“We started out ordering 10 Wine Clips at a time, then increased it to 20, to 30, 60 and now 100 at a time.” Nancy & Gary Krabill

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