How does it work?
The Wine Clip® hyperdecants by using a specifically designed magnetic field that has an effect on the wine as it is being poured from the bottle. For more information about how it works, please click here.
Is The Wine Clip® only for cheap or low quality wines?
No! The Wine Clip® is appropriate for use on all wines, including more expensive fine wines. The Wine Clip® will bring out the best in wines of every quality. Think of it in the same way you would using a decanter, or just letting a bottle of wine breathe for a while to let it “open up.” The Wine Clip® does essentially the same thing to the flavor of the wine – however it works instantly, resulting in the best wine possible without the wait.
Does it work on all wines? How about whites?
Yes, however for most people the effect is most noticeable on big, tannic reds. Wine experts have commented that it works well on whites, ports, even some spirits, however the effect is more subtle, requiring a more sensitive/well-trained palate in order to really notice these more nuanced changes in flavor.
Can I become a retailer for The Wine Clip®?
Yes. Please contact us directly for more information.
Where is The Wine Clip® made?
The Wine Clip® is made in the USA by EA Magnetics, Inc. (EAM). EAM is a leading producer of magnets and magnet-related products for a variety of industries.