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It's hard to imagine this, given that wine has been around for millennia, but this product has managed to figure a way to turn a newly opened bottle of mediocre wine into an aged, respectable tasting pleasure. Our customers think so too as it's been a best seller for years!

Nicole LoCicero
WineVine Imports

Nancy & Gary Krabil
Flavors From Afar
Wine Clip Review

“We do not sell wine in our store, but we decided to give it a try and ordered 10 Wine Clips to start with. We let our customers try a sip of an inexpensive red wine with The Clip attached and one without. Almost invariably they are amazed and immediately order at least one Clip. We started out ordering 10 Wine Clips at a time, then increased it to 20, to 30, 60 and now 100 at a time.”

Nancy & Gary Krabill
Flavors From Afar

Rocky Mountain News

“Snap the Wine Clip (www.thewine around the neck of your bottle and turn big, ugly, impure molecules into charming small ones.”

“If you are a wine drinker, or in any case running a restaurant which does have wine in your menu, you might strongly want to consider getting The Wine Clip.”


“We don’t know exactly how this works but it’s pretty amazing. Simply place the Wine Clip on the neck of the bottle and this device makes young wines more drinkable by softening the tannins and making the flavors in the wine rounder.”

Nation's Restaurant News, Feb. 23 2004
By Mary Ewing-Mulligan, Ed McCarty

"Although the mechanism is different - and frankly, it mystifies us - a wine's exposure to a magnetic field seems to mimic the effects of aeration. One ingenious new device, called The Wine Clip and sold by The Wine Clip Inc,, clips on to the neck of a bottle and softens the wine as you pour."

The Cheese Board

“Simply clip this unique tool to the neck of your wine bottle for an instantly smoother, less tannic taste to your glass! Great gift for that wine enthusiast in your life!”

Ken Lineberger
A Wine Not Custom Winery
8916 Foothill Blvd., Suite K3
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

“We are a boutique winery in Southern California (about 40 miles east of Los Angeles) and have been selling The Wine Clip since we opened in 2004. It’s unbelievable how much our customers notice the difference in our red wines.”

Wills Winery

“Introducing 'The Wine Clip'. This little gizmo changes the molecular structure of the wine as it pours out the neck of the bottle, instantly enhancing your wine.”

DishPVR Anthony Dias Blue
Famous Food & Wine Expert
Wine and Spirits Editor of BON APPETIT
"I'm usually skeptical of devices that claim to improve the quality of wine. But the application of a magnetic field to wine really does seem to soften the tannins and improve a wine's drinkability. The Wine Clip is an ingenious invention that actually works. The effect is especially noticeable on red wines. TWC would be a great gift."

Anthony Dias Blue is one of the most influential food and wine personalities in the U.S. His work in various media is circulated to 50 million global consumers each month. He's the Wine and Spirits Editor of BON APPETIT, the Executive Director of the San Francisco International Wine Competition, the Nation's largest and most prestigious wine judging event. Mr. Blue was selected for the James Beard Who's Who in Food Award, a recognition given to America's most influential food and wine personalities.
DishPVR Mary Ewing Mulligan
Master of Wine and accomplished author
Wine Clip Review
"Although the mechanism is different--and, frankly, it mystifies us--a wine's exposure to a magnetic field seems to mimic the effects of aeration. One ingenious new device, called The Wine Clip, clips on to the neck of a bottle and softens the wine as you pour." "

About Mary Ewing Mulligan
She is the president of International Wine Center, a Master of Wine, Certified Wine Educator, and co-author of the best-selling book series, Wine For Dummies.
DishPVR John Sculley
Former CEO of Pepsi and Apple
Investor in The Wine Clip
"I was asked to take a wine tasting to determine if there was a difference when using The Wine Clip. I could sense a considerable difference. So much so that I invested in the company."
The World's Greatest Recipe Collection
Fast and easy to use is The Wine Clip, a magnetic device that clips onto the neck of a bottle to make immature wines (especially reds) seem as if they've aged in a cellar for several years.
Beverage Business
Industry Magazine
Technical speak aside, there is no doubt that The Wine Clip changes wine when it is used.
DishPVR Debra Threlfal
President, U-Winer On Premise Wine Making
"It's unbelievable!", that is what my customers say about The Wine Clip. At U-Winer, customers make their own wine and I have them use The Wine Clip when tasting it for the first time. The skeptical are the most fun to watch during the taste test, they don't want to believe it, but their senses give them no choice."
DishPVR The New York Times
Sunday Edition
The Sunday New York Times featured a full page article about The Wine Clip and the vision for its success as seen through the eyes of co-founders Dennis M. Lynch and Andrew Janczak.
DishPVR The Seattle Times
Seattle's leading newspaper
Wine Section
I tried the Wine Clip on a half-dozen different young red wines from two well-known California wineries — Louis Martini and Beaulieu Vineyards. Their wines are solidly made, in a classic California cabernet style. The wines, being young, were full of ripe fruit and backed with substantial tannins. The Clip, as promised, changed the aromas and the flavors instantaneously.
DishPVR The Miami Herald
F. Tasker
Wine Section
You say your wine is too tannic, and you, as an American, are unwilling to wait for it to mellow, as any wine-respecting French person would? Well, good old American technology comes to the rescue. The Wine Clip, a metal sleeve you put around the neck of your wine bottle, uses ''an array of rare earth neodymium iron boron magnets'' to break down the tannin's big molecules into smaller ones -- instantly mellowing the wine.
DishPVR The USA Today
America's newspaper
Jerry Shriver
Consider one of the new products that claim to soften young tannic wines quickly by exposing the liquid to a magnetic field. I've run quick tests on the new Wine Clip. I noticed just enough difference to warrant further exploration.
DishPVR Fitness Plus Magazine
Jo Ostgarden writer of The Fit Epicurean
Article on the best holiday wine gifts
"It just may be the most radical wine gift ever. It gets my vote. It worked for me."
DishPVR The New York Post
November 20, 2003
Food Section
The New York Post named The Wine Clip, "gadget of the week".
DishPVR TechTV
December 2003
TechLive Show
"Turn a glass of $2 Buck Chuck into a fine glass of vino. The people at The Wine Clip will give you your money back if you don't."
DishPVR Mike Marlow
Wall Street Commodities Trader
Participant: The Wine Clip Taste Tests
"I consider myself an avid wine drinker. I didn't believe this product would or could work. I was proven wrong."
DishPVR J. Gavan
New York Police Officer
Participant: The Wine Clip Taste Tests
"After a taste test with The Wine Clip, I believe it greatly enhances the wine-drinking experience" .
DishPVR Ellen Nocero-Donohue
CEO, Nocero Designs
Participant: The Wine Clip Taste Tests
"Not only will I buy one but I'm giving them to clients as holiday gifts. It tastes as if the wine has aged for years."
DishPVR Newsday
Long Island's leading newspaper
Recent write-up about The Wine Clip
[After trying a glass of wine with the wine clip]...the harshness of the wine had somewhat dissipated.
DishPVR John Garvey
Executive Chef
Owner / Operator Brick Hotel, Pa.
Not only have I seen it improve almost any type of wine, it also has the added benefit of increasing interest in wine drinking in general. As the owner of several restaurants, I can certainly appreciate the fact that customers introduced to The Wine Clip drink more wine - if for no other reason then to keep trying it out.
DishPVR David Hendrickson
Owner, Chef's II Restaurant
Huntington, NY
We were skeptical until the buzz in our restaurant got so loud that we could hear it in the kitchen. One table started talking to the next table until just about everyone was asking, "what is that" and "can I try it". We now sell The Wine Clip with our logo printed on the box.
DishPVR Carol Kiefer
Wine Lover
Studio City, Ca.
I bought my Wine Clip out of simple curiosity, never believing it would have such a dramatic effect. I was so impressed that I’m now a crusader for this product. It makes the most modestly priced bottle of wine taste like it’s a smooth vintage classic. I will not drink wine without it. Bravo!

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